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Youth Services Project - School Based Programs

School Based Programs

Scarsdale High School
Scarsdale Middle School
A partnership of Scarsdale Village, Scarsdale Schools and SFCS, the Youth Services Projects places a team of Youth Outreach Workers in community as a helping resource for adolescents and parents.

These mental health professionals provide confidential support to teens / tweens as they navigate the academic, social and emotional demands of adolescence.

Programs include parent support and education, crisis interventions, individual and peer counseling.

The Leadership Projects

Our specialized programs for girls and boys in the Middle and High Schools provide a safe, supportive and fun environment for Scarsdale teens and tweens. 

These groups promote positive peer relationships and leadership building, focusing on decision making about a variety of teen challenges including substance abuse, bullying, healthy relationships and the pressures of adolescent social life.
WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: A support group for young women 14 – 18 years of age looking to make friendships, improve confidence, and connect with peers to make positive choices.

YOUNG WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP: A ten session group for girls in grades 6-8. The program’s goal is to support young girls in their emotional development through community service, leadership building, and peer support. The program meets weekly from Fall through Spring at Scarsdale Middle School.

YOUNG MEN IN LEADERSHIP: An activity group for boys in grades 7-8. YMIL promotes positive peer relationships and leadership development. The group combines physical activity with pizza, snacks and conversation about being a boy.  The program meets weekly from Fall through Spring at the Scarsdale Teen Center.
The Leadership Projects - Young Women In Leadership
The Leadership Projects - Young Men In Leadership

Parent Support Groups

Parent Support Groups

Our acclaimed grade-specific groups bring together a cross-section of parents to discuss the unprecedented challenges of raising teens / tweens in today's world.

Over 50 Groups meet monthly and are led by our trained outreach workers and therapists, addressing real-time issues impacting Scarsdale kids and families including schoolwork, social media, peer acceptance,  alcohol and other drugs and adolescent development.
Beyond the Basics
These groups are uniquely tailored for parents of children with special needs. In addition to dealing with the general demands of childhood and adolescence, they also discuss social and academic issues that may present further challenges.

Summer Adventure Trips

During the summer, youth outreach workers offer daily outdoor trips through our Adventure Based Counseling (ABC) for boys and girls 11 - 14 years of age.

Join SFCS for mountain biking, rock climbing, and water adventures that build confidence and self-esteem in a fun-filled environment.
Summer Adventure Trips - Adventure Based Counseling
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