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Jenna Horowitz, LCSW

Jenna Horowitz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who joined SFCS in August 2014.  Jenna was hired as a Youth Outreach Worker serving middle school age youth and families and she is the facilitator of  S-O-C-I-A-L (Speak Out, Connect, Interact and Learn) SFCS's social skill based children's groups.   Jenna has a particular understanding of elementary age children and she is an experienced facilitator of children's groups, implementing them it in both clinical and school settings. Prior to her coming to SFCS, Jenna worked with children from underprivileged families and victims of domestic violence. She worked on the Pediatric Oncology Unit of Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, and as a Social Worker in a school-based mental health program in Yonkers. Jenna is a 2006 graduate of Scarsdale High School and was an outstanding member in the leadership development programs facilitated by the Youth Outreach Staff. Jenna earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work from Syracuse University and a Masters of Social Work from Columbia University.  Jenna is exploring post-master's training programs in child therapy and she has particular interest in working with pre-school age children as well as LGBQT youth.

Accreditation / Education

LCSW: Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Individual and group counseling, social skill development with children. Teens and LGBQT youth.  

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